Salt Rising Bread Workshop!

March 7, 2018

~ Hands-on Instruction ~ Learn Techniques ~

Salt rising bread is an old-fashioned bread that uses natural fermentation

Instructed by Genevieve Bardwell and Antonio Archer

Around 1800 pioneer women wanted a risen bread. But there was no yeast available in southwestern Pennsylvania. The pioneer women tried something new potash, a type of salt. Since potash raised their biscuits and gingerbread, they added potash to a flour mixture and kept it warm next to their fires. Thus, the pioneer women raised their bread!

Now, we make salt rising bread using the same fermentation process, except we have a modern-day version of potash -baking soda, also a type of salt. Instead of keeping the flour mixture warm by the fire, we use gas or electricity. This natural fermentation yields bread with a delicious cheese-like flavor and delicate crumb. The bread makes wonderful toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and freezes well.

Please call the park office at 304-879-4101 to reserve your spot!