Park Concert Series #4 - The Sheppard Brothers Bluegrass Band

July 15, 2017

The Sheppard Brothers is a bluegrass band based out of the Parkersburg, West Virginia area. Although the band has been together 35 years, it has undergone very few member changes. The three brothers, Terry, Mike, and Butch Sheppard have the rich, tight vocals associated with a family band. Their connection as a group is very evident, whether they are singing the standards or delivering tasteful renditions of acapella gospel songs. Although mostly noted as a traditional bluegrass group, the Sheppard Brothers deliver performances which all can enjoy. They maintain an onstage presence that you have to experience to appreciate. The band's interaction with the fans bridges the gap between the stage and the audience. You never know what to expect from Butch when he gets up on stage, which keeps it interesting. The Sheppard Brothers would like to invite you to any of their shows and be part of the fun, which is what bluegrass music is all about.

Tickets are $5 at the door and kids under 12 are free!